About us


The i DO ME concept was conceived to inspire a global jubilation of leadership and self-acceptance that transcends all classes, races and economic boundaries. iDM was established to advocate the celebration of positive existence and the acceptance of uniqueness. This is done by encouraging one’s self to be engaged and to know who they are despite the trends or their situations. The company's goal is to commence a social movement that invites people to be a part of the campaign to bolster self-worth, individualism and authenticity.

The iDM Company was founded on the following four beliefs:
We support freedom of positive self expression;
We accentuate eccentricity;
We foster creativity and idiosyncrasy;
Lastly, we challenge you to define yourself by constantly reinventing yourself.

The i DO ME brand summarizes a powerful, poignant and positive message created to motivate people from all walks of life to be true to themselves and believe in themselves. The company’s mission is to provide clothing with at purpose while challenging its audience to define who they are and strive to be the very best that they can be regardless of circumstances. We are all unique and should be confident in who we are. It's okay to just "BE YOU."



An IDIOM is someone who lives the i DO ME concept day in and day out. Regardless of the circumstances or their situation, they remain true to themselves.


Anyone can be an IDIOM. From kids learning in school to teens experiencing growing up blunders. From the successful entrepreneur or athlete to the common everyday man or woman. From those suffering from ailments, disease, and financial woes to those who are healthy, strong, and financially secure. By repping yourself you are an IDIOM.